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Statistics for Life Sciences

This online course will be held in English as evening school!

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Time: 18.00 - 21.00

In the seminar, the basics of statistics and the understanding of frequently used statistical methods are laid. The topics of the seminar are presented as a mixture of lectures and (interactive) exercises. The seminar is designed to take away the fear of statistics from young scientists and to give them more confidence in dealing with their own data and evaluating it. No special software is required for the seminar, all examples can be carried out with a pocket calculator and with the help of a seminar booklet. No statistical basics are necessary for the seminar, we form these basics together during the seminar and apply them to the topics covered.
After introducing the basis, the principles of null hypotheses and the idea of significance are presented. Then, as an example of null hypothesis significance tests, the class of t-tests will be discussed, together with the concept of P values and their advantages and disadvantages. In connection with this, false positive and false negative results and the interaction of these types of errors with the planning of experiments are taught. Terms such as statistical power analysis and effect size, as well as optimization of sample sizes are introduced. In conjunction with error types, the various error bars and rules for using and evaluating or reading scientific graphs are discussed. This also includes confidence intervals and the standard error. Other significance tests, including outlier and normality tests and chi-square tests, are presented later. The F-test is also presented and an introduction to the Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) is given. One- and two-factor ANOVA are introduced here again using examples, as well as the use of contrasts and post-hoc tests.
In these 8*1.5 hours, a large part of the methods that young scientists from the natural sciences often have to deal with are introduced.

Training Topics:

Introduction to Statistical Thought – samples and Populations Null Hypothesis Significance Tests (NHST) Statistical significance, statistical confidence and P values Significance and type I & II errors Statistical power analysis – balancing sample size and variability Other NHST (Chi-quadrat, Mann-Whitney, Wilcoxon, Outlier, Normality) Error Bars and How to read scientific figures? The rules of presenting data graphically Effect sizes, statistical and practical significance Introduction into Analysis Of Variance (ANOVA), contrasts and Post-Hoc Tests

Enrolled (doctoral) students: 119 Euro
Authorities / University / Privat persons: 149 Euro
Companies: 179 Euro

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